Thursday, November 10, 2011

More Free Security Tools for Adventuorous Windows Users

I have listed some free and safe Windows tools or software to ensure safety of your computer, Internet surfing  and in general Information security, in my previous post. In this post i would list out some tools for people who are not averse to slight advanced approach.

1.  The first of these is the "msconfig" tool bundled with the Windows operating system. Just type msconfig in the run box and you see a window opening. Take sometime to familiarize yourself before making any changes.

msconfig.exe : windows security and administration tool

2. Netstat is another wonderful command line tool for network statistics.Use these tool to investigate network connections, listening services, exe files associated with the running programs and many more.

Windows netstat command line tool for network statistics

3.   Systinternal Tools.  Check them out on

4. 'nbtstat' in command prompt
5. 'net' commands in command promt
6. Windows TaskManager
7. Use regedit.exe to play around. Warning: some amount of familarlisation is required before you modify entries.
8. Use 'Windows Firewall with Advanced Security'. Run the command wf.msc to configure the Firewall.
9. Additional resources can be found on the following links

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