Saturday, December 14, 2013

Maintain Online Privacy. How to do that?

   One of the big issues of online activities is to maintain a right balance of information that is voluntarily shared with information that is not shared. However, there is a general agreement or baseline which tells us what is private information. This baseline would contain recommendations like donot share private telephone number; do not share primary email id etc etc.

    This perceived privacy posture may vary from person to person. The privacy settings and features on many sites and applications are provided in a elaborated fashion these days. But these keep changing very often and it is very difficult for a user to keep track and manage them. Therefore what one needs do is follow three simple rules:

    Rule 1: Initially assume everything is private information

    Rule 2: Always share or post only when required and only with few(required)

    Rule 3: Remove, rename, modify all information that can be traced to you,
                   identify   you  or identify your activities.

This link can be used to directly access the privacy setting features of your favourite  application.