Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Android Smart - Phones Security

Android devices have become so ubiquitous that not acknowledging them would be a sin. These smartphones are nothing but mini computers or rather super computers of a previous era. It would be beneficial if users are aware about the security features available on these phones. I have listed some important security tips, in brief, on the Tips and Tricks page. They are also listed below. Hope they are of help to all.

1. Activate lock screen(‘Settings’ > ‘Location & security’). A pattern style is recommended.
2. Use a good data enryption app.
3. Donot store passwords as passwords in the phone.
4. Deactivate bluetooth when not required.
5. Deactivate WiFi when not required.
6. Deactivate GPS when not required. Do not update GPS location unnecessarily.
7. Turn off bluetooth discovery mode when not required(Settings > Wireless and networks > Bluetooth settings > Discoverable).
8. Install only trusted apps.
9. Ensure that the Browser does not store usernames and passwords.
10. Be careful when using wifi-hotspots.
11. De-activate geo-location feature.
12. Update(Settings > About phone > System updates) and upgrade wherever possible.
13. Use apps like 'Where’s my Droid' to Remote locate the phone in case it is lost.
14. Backup and sync important data(Settings > Privacy > Back up my data).
15. Install a good antivirus app.
15. Customize screenlock screen to display alternate contact information.
16. Consider using a 'Remote Wipe' app for contigencies
17. You can use 'Famigo Sandbox' to provide a safe environment for kids on your phone.
18. Use VPN (Settings > Wireless and networks > VPN settings).
19. Pay attention to tell-tale signs of SPAM.

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