Monday, October 24, 2011

Best Free and Safe Tools or Software for Information Security

   It would surely be a daunting task if you do not seek help of additional software to secure your computer and ensure your safety on the big bad Internet. It is fine if you are against spending more money. But, at the least install some basic tools like Antivirus. I have compiled a great list of free but reliable and effective survival tools. I personally use all of them and also recommend them to my friends. The only commercial tool i use at present is the AntiVirus "QuickHeal" (earlier i was hooked to Kaspersky--but i found it was slowing my machine a bit)  which i find very effective. After i use these tools, the free space on my harddisk increases and the computer performance also speeds up considerably.

1. Ccleaner  It removes Internet temporary files, history and cookies. Unwanted registry entries left behind and the temporary files and log files created by various applications are also cleaned.

PowerTools Lite  clears unnecessary data from the registry, MRU, unnecessary temporary files and history data 2. PowerTools Lite 2011  Along with registry cleanup, PowerTools Lite also clears unnecessary data from the registry, MRU, unnecessary temporary files and history data from all major applications and Windows itself  to clean up the entire PC.

3. Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool  Scans your computer for infection by specific, prevalent malicious software and  removes the infection if it is found.

4. Anti-Malware This tool from Malwarebytes is quite effective and is to be used in addition to the regular Anti-Virus solution.

free zonealarm firewall by checkpoint5.  ZoneAlarm Firewall This free tool by Checkpoint is the best. 

6. Immunet 3.0 This freeware Antivirus by ClamAV is good and be used in conjunction with other Antivirus products.

7. Secunia Personal Software Inspector This tool by Secunia reports about software patch/update status.

8. Portable Applications These applications increase security as these is no installation and hence no log files, dll files and registry entries on your computer. check

9. Sandboxie  This tool allows to runs your applications in a sanboxed environment and hence if has some malware code then would stop them from accessing other parts of your computer.

10. McAfee Tools   These free anti-malware tools remove malware, virus and rootkits.

11. VirusTotal If you have a suspicious mail attachment, file, web address or a software then submit them to the  site for a multiple checks by the popular Antivirus solution vendors.

OpenDNS dns IP addresses12. OpenDNS  Use Open DNS ( and for connecting to Internet as it is more reliable and much faster. In addition you can also use parental control and other features if you register on the site.

13.  Microsoft tools from Sysinternals  Tools on this site would provide  additional functionality. Do not forget to check out autoruns.exe to remove unwanted services and registry entries.