Friday, June 13, 2014

Information security quotes for awareness

  • "Security has a group ownership                  --not individual ownership"....G.R
  • "Tech Savvy does not mean                  --security conscious"
  • "Technology cannot replace security good habits"
  • "Simple and elegant the solutions                   -- better is the security"
  • "Money can buy security products                   -- but not security" ....G.R
  • "Security is not a product                                -- it is a process... Bruce Schneier
  • "We will forgive the breach                            -- but not the silence" 
  • "If you want PRIVACY             -- then maintain private posture and not public posture" 
  • "High security means                -- right awareness"....G.R
  • "Best medicine for security diseases is  -- high dosage of awareness"....G.R
  •  "Technology is just a security enabler           -- not a security ensurer"  ....G.R 
  • "Trust can be absolute                        -- but Security cannot be absolute".......GR.
  • "Stop - Read and Click".........GR
  • "Technology alone may not protect you better
  •                                        --but  awareness about the correct usage of technology may protect you better"....G.R

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