Sunday, January 1, 2012

Wireless or WiFi Security

Wireless or WiFi security from a normal users point of view is as important as anything else. With WiFi enabled mobiles, gaming devices the environment becomes much more dangerous. I have listed some useful tips on my "Tips and Tricks" page.


  1. wireless networks in general, and WLANs in particular, involves the need for security.A Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS) is a concept for the most robust way to counteract wireless security risks.a wireless router is implement for wireless security purpose.
    A wireless security is a prevention to access the unauthorized user use the wireless network.the use of WIPS to automate wireless scanning and protection for large for wifi network security must be necessary without it the risks to users of wireless technology have increased as well as the service has become more popular.

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  2. Many wireless internet connections are very vulnerable to various exposures of malicious threats. That is why it is highly recommended that WiFi users at to create a username and password to make sure no one else uses your connection.

  3. Several wireless connections are indeed a playing field for several malicious links that may invade our private space so it is important to be very careful is using such, also with fibre optic training practices. Several computer experts suggest that one should improve his or her security system because this is one effective defense against these threats. Thank you for sharing your post.